What are the best health supplements for men?  Here, The Male Grooming Review takes you through eight super health supplements that will cater for your hair, body and mind... 

Neat Nutrition 'Lean Boost' capsules are formulated to help generate metabolic energy and aid the breakdown of fat. They're infused with organic Matcha Green Tea, a natural caffeine source that reduces fatigue without creating jittery side-effects. These are effective energy-boosting supplement capsules.

The 'MultiOptimum' multi-vitamin capsule has been developed by Bodyism's Clean & Lean for people with a busy lifestyle. This all-in-one capsule is rich in immune-boosting vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can reduce fatigue and promote healthy skin. This is a high-strength multi-vitamin and mineral wellness formula. 

Infused with a potent Omega-3 complex boosted by EPA and DHA, Bodyism's Clean & Lean 'Omega Brilliance' capsules are designed to spark optimum brain function, support joints and strengthen the immune and circulatory systems. By combining the aforementioned benefits of naturally sourced Fish Oil with complexion-soothing Retinol, this do-it-all supplement also works as a powerful anti-inflammatory that can help your body heal and repair. 

Created by two former athletes, Neat Nutrition's 'Advanced Multi Vitamins & Minerals' contain a curated balance of nutrients to optimise your well-being. These include immune-boosting Zinc, metabolic-stimulating Chromium and a host of B Vitamins that assist post-exercise recovery time and contribute to the reduction of fatigue. 

Worry less about hair loss with the most potent and effective hair supplement yet. HR23+ capsules contains a unique blend of key ingredients that prevents the formation of DHT (the cause of baldness) and promotes fuller, healthier hair growth.

Perricone MD's intensive superfood blend combines the powers of anti-oxidant Acai, Raspberry and Blueberry to fight free radicals and increase your overall sense of wellbeing. Packed with vital nutrients, minerals and essential amino and fatty acids, this powder supplement hopes to increase your energy levels by ten-fold. 

Deriving its potent Omega 3 oils from wild sockeye salmon, Perricone MD's intensive supplements will improve the condition of your skin, hair and nails whilst supporting healthy weight loss and maintaining cardiovascular health.

Men's Health Lab Mental Focus supplement is designed to enhance muscle memory within the mind, helping you keep your focus and sharpness throughout the day.