There are some exciting times ahead at Cremo Company, welcoming three astonishing new products to their collection. "We hope you love them as much we do. And to be clear, we love them a lot."

Ultra-slick molecules never smelled so good. 

The same impossibly slick formula you know and love, infused with a woodsy, exotic scent and incredible healing properties. Why didn’t we think of this before? We apologize for the slight delay. 

Meet your razor’s new best friend.  

When you feel good, you look good. Our new Lavender Bliss Shave Cream will soothe your senses, while delivering the closest, smoothest shave imaginable. Feeling amazing and looking amazing-- it doesn’t get any better than that! Treat yourself to a truly inspiring shave experience today.

A timeless tradition for today’s modern man. 
Shaving is a ritual. And our Lathering Shave Cream and Shave Brush are crafted to turn that ritual into an experience that will elevate your spirit. Our cruelty-free, Spanish horsehair brush raises your whiskers, brings water to the face and creates a rich, warm lather with our impossibly slick, specially formulated, sandalwood-scented lathering shave cream. The result? An impossibly close shaving experience, rooted in respect for what works. 

Check out the new collection over on the official Cremo Shave website.


Hair loss is a worry for most men, but did you know that we tend lose more hair during Spring?  No one is sure why we shed more hair during this time of year, but what we are sure about is how to tackle shedding.

Seasonal hair loss is common amongst all mammals, including humans, although it is not restricted to Spring. Women may also experience slightly higher levels of hair loss during certain seasons, although the Autumnal loss will be more noticeable.

How to Prevent Hair shedding in Spring? 

Seasonal hair loss is not male pattern baldness/alopecia, therefore this loss of hair is not permanent. Seasonal shedding is usually a temporary process that ends as the climate changes into another season - in this case, the Summer. 

Unlike alopecia, seasonal shedding can actually be treated quite effectively, as it is not genetic. In fact, the treatment of this type of hair fall is a relatively simple process, and you shouldn't have to drastically change your daily grooming/hair care routine.

Use the right products

Your hair is currently at its weakest and most vulnerable stage, therefore you should only use shampoos with minimal chemicals and a good blend of key hair strengthening ingredients.  If you're looking for an affordable solution, then consider OGX's Biotin & Collagen Shampoo (below), packed with all the additives needed to get the very best out of your hair.  Oh, and its only £6 a bottle!

Also, we would advise you to steer clear of thick and gunky hair styling products that are prone to ripping your hair out.  Avoid brands like Dax Wax in order to prevent your locks falling out in big chunks.

Be Healthy & Active

Many of us often forget how important a good diet and exercise routine is for the whole of our body, including our hair. If you eat well, and get plenty of exercise, then it goes without saying that your hair will only benefit in the long run.  

Now, we're not suggesting you go on some strict diet and join the gym, as we know Spring season is party season for many of us. But, be sure to eat relatively well and ty your best to get that blood going through your veins as often as possible.

Take herbal supplements

Many men (and women) take hair supplements to combat hair loss and thinning hair.  Some herbal supplements have proved to be very successful in preventing balding and promoting thicker, stronger hair growth.  Be sure to choose a good multi-vitamin hair supplement with a good blend of DHT blocking properties and hair growth agents.  These types of products do not cure baldness, but they can help prevent the pattern of hair fall, during a time when you need it most.


The weather is warming up and summer is not too far away, so now is the time to freshen up your skincare routine for Spring. 

A few small adjustments that take into account the shift in climate as the seasons change gives skin the best chance of looking bright and healthy.

Skincare expert and founder of STOER Skincare for Men, Marianne Morrison, shares her top skincare tips for men this Spring…

1. Steady Skincare

The best way to mitigate seasonal skincare challenges is first to have a steady skincare routine, using products which compliment your skin type. A regular routine helps keep skin happy and less inclined to react to climatic changes. It only needs to take a extra 5 minutes a day and skin will look much better for it.

2. Spring Clean Your Skin

Spring is the perfect time to invest in your cleansing regime to reveal clearer and brighter skin. Spend a couple of minutes working your cleanser into the pores for a deep clean, focusing on any congested areas. Try STOER Foaming Face Wash (£24) which helps keep skin free of grease and grime while protecting and hydrating.

3. Exfoliate To Banish Dead Skin

Exfoliating your skin will immediately make it look better. One key product to use after winter in preparation for spring is a face scrub to shed away dry dead skin cells revealing a fresher, smoother complexion. This process can also lift stubble to help prevent ingrown hairs and razor bumps and also allow serums and moisturisers to work more effectively on the skin. Try gentle, yet effective STOER Detox Face Scrub (£27) to remove dead cells and unblock pores.

4. Spring = Shine

Warmer weather can mean more ‘shine’ for oily or combination complexions. You shouldn’t avoid moisturiser altogether, but if you are prone to a shiny nose and forehead, instead choose a mattifing hydrator. Try STOER Firm & Protect Hydrating Serum (£40) which is rapidly absorbed with a matte-finish to help keep shine at bay.

5. Recharge Skin with a Vitamin Mask

Clay masks are great for removing blocked pores, but overuse can dry out skin. If skin is looking dull, dry and lacklustre, super charge your skincare routine by using a vitamin-loaded face mask to give skin the vitamin boost it needs to be fresh faced for Spring.

Try STOER Vitamin Power Mask (£35) once a week to replenish the complexion. 

Guest article by STOER Skincare for Men


What are the best health supplements for men?  Here, The Male Grooming Review takes you through eight super health supplements that will cater for your hair, body and mind... 

Neat Nutrition 'Lean Boost' capsules are formulated to help generate metabolic energy and aid the breakdown of fat. They're infused with organic Matcha Green Tea, a natural caffeine source that reduces fatigue without creating jittery side-effects. These are effective energy-boosting supplement capsules.

The 'MultiOptimum' multi-vitamin capsule has been developed by Bodyism's Clean & Lean for people with a busy lifestyle. This all-in-one capsule is rich in immune-boosting vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can reduce fatigue and promote healthy skin. This is a high-strength multi-vitamin and mineral wellness formula. 

Infused with a potent Omega-3 complex boosted by EPA and DHA, Bodyism's Clean & Lean 'Omega Brilliance' capsules are designed to spark optimum brain function, support joints and strengthen the immune and circulatory systems. By combining the aforementioned benefits of naturally sourced Fish Oil with complexion-soothing Retinol, this do-it-all supplement also works as a powerful anti-inflammatory that can help your body heal and repair. 

Created by two former athletes, Neat Nutrition's 'Advanced Multi Vitamins & Minerals' contain a curated balance of nutrients to optimise your well-being. These include immune-boosting Zinc, metabolic-stimulating Chromium and a host of B Vitamins that assist post-exercise recovery time and contribute to the reduction of fatigue. 

Worry less about hair loss with the most potent and effective hair supplement yet. HR23+ capsules contains a unique blend of key ingredients that prevents the formation of DHT (the cause of baldness) and promotes fuller, healthier hair growth.

Perricone MD's intensive superfood blend combines the powers of anti-oxidant Acai, Raspberry and Blueberry to fight free radicals and increase your overall sense of wellbeing. Packed with vital nutrients, minerals and essential amino and fatty acids, this powder supplement hopes to increase your energy levels by ten-fold. 

Deriving its potent Omega 3 oils from wild sockeye salmon, Perricone MD's intensive supplements will improve the condition of your skin, hair and nails whilst supporting healthy weight loss and maintaining cardiovascular health.

Men's Health Lab Mental Focus supplement is designed to enhance muscle memory within the mind, helping you keep your focus and sharpness throughout the day.


1. Lip Balm;  2. Beard Oil;  3. Derma Roller for anti-ageing;  4. Man Cave Shower Gel;  5. Bull Dog Moisturiser;  6. Alpecin Sport Caffeine Shampoo CTX;  7. OGX Biotin & Collagen Amplifier


England goalie Jack Butland’s favourite barber, Jacks of London, was recently nominated for seven awards (mixture of consumer and b2b) in just one week, which clearly shows it’s ahead of the competition. Jack B, who, despite his injury has sustained his high grooming standard over the past 12 months, is the face of Jacks.

As the Original barbers – 22 years in business – and still the coolest barber brand there is with some fab clients and multiple editorial mentions worldwide, they certainly know how to make men look and feel great.

The dapper chaps at Jacks of London barbers are in seventh Heaven after hitting the shortlist in seven awards over the space of just one week. Acknowledged as one of the UK’s top male grooming brands, the barber group is used to receiving accolades for its outstanding barbering performance, but even so, the crew were elated to have so many nods come in at once.

‘It’s fantastic to get seven nominations in such a short time. We are well chuffed,’ said Jacks Art Crew leader Steven Gasparetto. ‘We constantly push ourselves to be the best we can, to ensure the crew is always working at its best, and that our clients get the best cut and care they can at our store. To be singled out as one of a handful of other barbers across the UK worthy of an award shows we are doing it right.’

The Jacks crew got through to American Crew All Star Challenge, a competition run by the cool US-based brand to search out the hottest male looks for 2017. They also have two teams in the regional finals of the L’OrĂ©al Colour Trophy; they are in the running for three separate prizes in the Cut awards, run by Hair magazine, the UK’s top consumer grooming title; and they are finalists in Shortlist magazine’s Grooming Awards for Best New Men’s Styling product.

‘Being good enough to enter awards takes determination, vision and discipline,’ added Steven. ‘It’s not just about our egos, it’s the ultimate way to keep our skills sharp, our crew ahead of the competition and our clients 100% satisfied.’

Formed in 1995, Jacks of London is the original modern barber, famed for its faultless and contemporary take on the full range of classic men’s styling techniques.

Over those two decades it has built a solid reputation among fashion-savvy guys everywhere, specialising in giving clients the full male grooming experience, with complimentary bar, live sports and big, comfy, man-friendly leather sofas in all its barber stores. The experience extends to Jacks’ exclusive The True Gent range of shampoos, conditioners and styling products, all with the fresh, overtly masculine tang of citrus and pomegranate.

This year Jacks is set to cement its position as a leading creative force in the male grooming world barbering with the opening of a training academy that will educate barbers from across the world in its unique brand of hair cutting and styling techniques.

Web: www.jacksoflondon.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jacksoflondonbarbers

Twitter: @jacksoflondonuk

Instagram: http://instagram.com/jacksoflondonuk


Have you noticed it is getting light earlier every morning? Fantastic. Now is the time to shake off Winter and kick start your fitness routine in earnest. Whatever exercise routine you have, try to think about adopting a skincare routine to compliment it.

Here’s a few tips to keep yourself and your skin look great whatever the season.


To protect yourself you need to find a great moisturiser for your face. You would think that for the best protection you should use the thickest product available. Not true. It’s not the viscosity of the product that makes it work, it is the level of active ingredients. The most important thing is to find a moisturiser that really penetrates and hydrates the skin. It should be light, quickly absorbed and, as you are a guy, matifying.


The next area you should think about protecting is the delicate skin around your eyes. It is the first place to show signs of fatigue and ageing and there are loads of products out there specifically formulated for your under eye bags and dark circles. A product that protects, refreshes and repairs, as well as moisturises is a good place to start and the best ones contain cucumber extract, hyaluronic acid and peptides.


When our lips become dry, particularly in cold weather, we tend to repetitively lick them to restore the moisture. Even though licking your lips may, for a few seconds, make them feel better, it actually makes lips dry out even more as the moisture evaporates from them. This can easily lead to painful, cracked, sore lips. You should try your best to not lick your lips when they begin to feel dry, instead you should use a quality lip balm or lip serum. There are some very clever formulations currently available that don’t use petrochemicals, so don’t have the awful lip balm taste and as an added bonus they are taste and shine free too. So no one will know you are wearing them.


Extreme temperatures and winds can also affect hair by drying it out. So in the winter months we recommend conditioning it 3 – 4 times a week instead of the usual once in warmer months. Use with a high quality conditioner alongside a quality shampoo and if they both feature caffeine all the better.


Sun Protection
And last and by no means least use a sunscreen. A sunscreen? Winter sun, combined with snow glare can still damage your skin. And mositurisers with added SPF usually offer such low protection that they may lure the wearer into a false sense of security when it comes to sun protection. So we recommend using a dedicated sun screen on top of your daily mosituriser or serum. You should apply a high factor broad-spectrum sunscreen to your face and your hands and reapply frequently if you stay outside a long time, are working outside or are playing sport.

If you follow these few easy tips you should cruise through Winter into Spring looking great as you do it. 

James Green

M.D. FIT Skincare